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December 3rd, 2007

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We're just coming out of a fluffy white winter wonderland here! It's been lovely. Not only did the kids
have a fabulous time playing in the snow, but my daughter slept until 7:45am(!) because she played out in it twice (I'm guessing all that fresh cold air tuckered her out big time). She's usually up between 5:30-6am. So that was a nice bonus for me!! Bring on the snow :)

BTW, a few newsletters back I included a blurb from what I thought was a fellow subscriber about a tea cup dog. Well, it is a total scam. Full details are here: So beware! I'll be more careful in the future! (Thanks to Lise Hull for the heads up!)

There are loads of writer-related questions and answers in the ASK WWOW section so check them out!

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Q: What does a 27 year seasoned writer do when he or she has written four books and does not have the finances to self-publish and can't seem to find an agent or a publisher to assist?
Sylvia Bright-Green

A: All I can tell you Sylvia is to keep sending your work to agents and publishers. My first novel was rejected over 40 times and that was after I started counting. Getting an agent can be equally hard. You might try entering contests for unpublished novels. I wish I had a magic answer, but perseverance is the only thing combined with good luck.

Q: When publications ask writers for samples of their previously published work, exactly what do they want? A paragraph or two of an article or the entire article? Do you just paste it into the body of the e-mail along with the information about the article you want to write for them? I've never found any information of this subject so I'd be glad of your advice! Thanks
Gillian Hobbs

A: Check their writers’ guidelines first and follow the directions. Some publications don’t want
attachments, but unless they specify that, say the clip about such and such is attached. Of course if they want it cut and pasted do that. You could also provide the weblink to the article as well if there is one. If you have a hard copy it could be scanned and faxed as another alternative.

Q: I have sent a few articles off after sending a query letter. They have replied and I have had a couple of stories published. I read that you shouldn`t mention fees at the beginning, but two of the publishers didn`t pay anything. I carried on having clips at last but when I mentioned fees, all I received was 20 dollars - nowhere near what I thought my work was worth. When I query should I stipulate fee of the work to be submitted from the start. I find this very embarrasing as I want to continue to write for these two magazines but I don`t want crumbs to be thrown at me when they feel like it.
Best regards, Barbara

A: Writers’ Guidelines on the website of the publication you are submitting to sometimes give rates. When someone gives you the assignment after your query, that is the time to bring up rates. Some publications issue contracts, some don’t. However, it is better to know up front before you go to the work, especially if you already have clips. Many publications are cheap unless you are a big name as well.

Q: I've been introducing my retrospective travel blog with relevant lyrics for that day's events from rock songs released at the time. Under the lyrics I've cited the band name, song name, album name, and release date, i.e. Led Zeppelin, Over the Hills and Far Away, from 'Houses of the Holy', 1973. As I haven't been making any money from this I guess the citation is appropriate under the 'fair use' rule, but I am now thinking of releasing the blog version alongside the edited version, and would like to include the lyrics. I am not so sure the citation I've been using would be considered 'fair use', and was wondering if you think I should find out who actually owns the copyright, and if I need their permission to use the lyrics.

A: Here are websites that might help:
When in doubt I would always play it safe on getting permission. Remember Disney sued a kindergarten because they put pictures of Mickey and Donald on their windows.

Q: Suggestions requested on the type of magazine that would publish stories about living in a RV Pard / Campground. The subjects of the stories include the various ways people holiday, the quirks of the short and long term tenants, and life in a motor home. They are not suitable for RV magazines. RV magazines prefer articles on maintenance and travel destinations. These are humourous, sad, real life stories / articles about a different way of living, an inexpensive way of living.
Betty Hirsekorn

A: What comes to mind is something like Traveler’s Tales which is looking for women’s adventures (see their writers guidelines) but read carefully the style of the sample stories. I would research travel magazines including those in Canada and in the US and take it from a different vacation abroad (especially now the dollar is low foreigners are more apt to put up with the difficulties of going through customs). There’s the AARP (retired persons) magazine And don’t forget Sunday supplement magazines, especially if you can find a local twist. Have you thought of a guide to campgrounds that you could sell yourself? This magazine is for the UK but they might like the US perspective. It would be worth a query letter. I hope this gets you started.

Q: Hello. Is it possible to find an agent who handles only subsidiary rights for books that have all ready been published? Or if not, how would I go about trying to sell the foreign and/or audio book rights to my novel? Thank you.
Steve Golightly

A: Finding an agent is difficult under any circumstances. As for foreign rights I would start in other Anglophone countries such as the UK and Australia and I’ve provided a list to get you started. I know UK agents work with foreign agencies. You might want to read about the audio book publishers association and although they don’t give out their member’s names, they have a list of publishers where audio books have won awards. and then you can trace them down through the web. Lists of English and Australian literary agents.

About Donna: D-L Nelson, a Swiss American living in Europe, is author of two novels CHICKPEA LOVER: NOT A COOKBOOK and THE CARD. She has published twenty three short stories and is editor/publisher of She has taught creative writing, journalism and business communication at the university level. She has a monthly column in an English writing magazine. Website:


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* I just had a piece run on It's a market that I've been wanting to crack for awhile
and I've already gotten some nice emails from other writers who read the article.
Susan Johnston

* Darrell Lindsey's recent credits include 2007 Hammons Prizes. For Poetry, 1st Prize; 2007 Genkissu Spirits Up! World Wide Hekinan Haiku Contest prize, and the 2007 Dwarf Stars Anthology. His URL is the following:


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* December's line-up; Conscious Discussions talk radio show
Conscious Discussions Airs Live on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10:00 PST - * archives are always available for you to access any time of the day! CONSCIOUS DISCUSSIONS SCHEDULE FOR DECEMBER: * Topics this month include: Philanthropy, literacy, women in business, writing and community involvement.


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* Title: Second Chance
Author: Joy Collins
Synopsis: Sara Weber has always felt she was married to two people—her husband and his ex-wife. Suddenly her world—and her marriage—is turned upside down when his ex demands money for their college-age daughter. Her husband’s response? He wants his daughter to move across the country to Arizona, live with him and Sara and attend the local university. As if this weren't enough stress, Sara’s mother is becoming more senile and Sara has to help her sister place her only living parent in a nursing home. When Sara’s stepdaughter is in a car accident, the ex swoops in and attempts to re-kindle a relationship with Sara’s husband. Devastated, Sara turns to the last person she ever thought could help her—her own stepmother. Second Chance is the story of one woman’s marriage and how she learns that understanding and forgiveness are the keys to a second chance at love.



* Name: Alicia King
Genres: Because I know genre-awareness is sometimes useful with fiction, I especially enjoy reading Science Fiction and Fantasy (but I read everything from "book-club" type books to romance novels and chick-lit). As far as non-fiction is concerned I'm highly aware of topics like Yoga and psychological / spiritual growth as the Featured Writer for Yoga / Pilates on Suite 101. Also pets, gardening and home improvement are regular reads.
Sample Review:



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* Folks Online
PAY: $50 - $100
We appreciate your participation in the FolksOnline community. There are numerous ways to contribute your creative content and receive a $50-$100 thank you if your contribution is published. Send your article to See site for full listing of articles wanted.

* Golf Business
PAY: varies
The official magazine of the National Golf Course Owners Association. Published monthly, Golf Business is designed to promote the exchange of information and ideas among course owners, operators, general managers, partners, directors, investors and senior industry executives. The publication’s mission is to help improve profits for course owners/operators. It is a four-color, high-quality, saddle-stitched publication. Currently, circulation is more than 19,000. Golf Business provides readers timely and substantive information beneficial for course owners and operators. The magazine keeps the golf industry informed of current trends in areas such as legislation, agronomics, employment, marketing, design and business tips. Golf Business also offers fresh perspectives on ways to make a course more profitable.

* Offshore Diver
PAY: $.10/word
Articles - Pays 10 cents per word for published word count. Choose your own topic or see the writer's guidelines for ideas. Sea Stories - Pays 10 cents per word for published word count. Make a few bucks. There you were. Really? Write it out. After appearing in print, sea stories move over to website. Photo Gallery - Cover shot pays $100. Otherwise, your pictures are featured in each issue's photo gallery and used throughout the magazine to spruce things up. Large format, high resolution pics are best.

* WOW! Women On Writing
PAY: $50 - $150
Jan. 2008 - Focus on Readers: book reviews, author interviews, how to make a freelance living at writing book reviews, book clubs, literary guilds, author interviews. NOTE: This issue is almost full; please send submissions early. Feb. 2008 - The Romance issue: Writing for romance markets, how to craft romantic scenes, book reviews, author interviews. Mar. 2008 - Small Presses: Focus on how small presses create buzz, small press profiles, author stories about their experience with small presses. Apr. 2008 - Big Publishing Houses: focus on traditional publishing, editor interviews, crafting a query letter or book proposal, trends in publishing. May 2008 - Freelance Union: how to make a living as a freelance writer, copywriters, technical writers, book doctors, legal writing. Our Columns pay a flat rate of $50-$75. Feature articles pay a flat rate of $150. Feature interviews pay a flat rate of $75. Please visit our Contact Page for complete writer's guidelines. Thanks!

* Live Life Travel
PAY: $5 - $35
We are looking for first-hand accounts of adventurous, independent travel. We do not want stories about tours where you get off the bus, take a picture and then get back on again. Please subscribe to our free e-letter to get a feel for what we are looking for at

* American History
PAY: $500 - $700
Published bi-monthly. Pays $500-$700 on acceptance for first rights. Submit query (by mail only) with published clips and SASE. Responds in 10 weeks to queries. Byline is given. "American History is a history magazine for a general audience. One of America’s most respected history publications, it tells the stories behind the people and events of U.S. history and provides insight into the cultural, military, political, and social forces that have shaped our nation.

* Demand Studios
PAY: $100 - $250
Looking for dynamic, self-starting writers to produce articles for several leading online brands. Each assignment ranges from $100 to $250. We want enthusiasts, professionals and experts on a wide range of topics (including locally relevant subjects) who are willing and able to produce high quality how-to and informational articles in an easy, structured format. We are currently accepting applications for this initial assignment, which could lead to opportunities in areas such as health, humor, food, travel, pets, entertainment, sports and more. Demand Studios is a content producing division of Demand Media, which attracts more than 30 million monthly visitors to its 60+ websites. The Demand Studios family of sites places your work in front of one of the Internet’s largest niche
market-driven audiences. Best of all, we pay you promptly for all approved assignments. Pay rates may vary according to assignment, but a paycheck always follows. If you are interested in qualifying to write for Demand Studios, go to our website and submit your resume.

* Dirt Rag
PAY: $.10/word
A non-glossy magazine written by and for real people who ride their bikes offroad. We publish seven issue per year. Submissions to Dirt Rag are highly encouraged. We consider each and every submission received.

* Backpacker
PAY: $.60 - $1/word
Our readers are knowledgeable and experienced backpackers, therefore we accept only authentic, well-researched, well-crafted stories (see the section on "Accuracy," below). We're not interested in slavish imitations of stories we've already done. As always, you should carefully study several issues of the magazine before submitting a query. The best articles have style, depth, emotional impact, and take-away value for the reader.

* EatingWell
PAY: $1/word
The only national food magazine that focuses exclusively on eating healthfully (our motto: “Where Good Taste Meets Good Health”). We are the preeminent magazine resource for people who want to enjoy food that is delicious and good for them. Our readers are interested not only in cooking and nutrition science, but also in the origins of food and social issues related to food networks. They appreciate eating culture and traditions. They are well-read and discriminating—yet they don’t take themselves too seriously. EatingWell’s “voice” is journalistic and authoritative; it speaks to both men and women. We cover nutrition with a newsy, science-based approach. Our recipes emphasize high-quality healthful ingredients, simple preparations and full flavor.



LIST YOUR FR.EELANCE JOB FOR FR.EE! Email ad to Subject line: JOB AD. We only accept paying job positions at this time.

* Freelance Proofreaders
We need a few freelance proofreaders as we have several proofreading jobs available. We need someone who has the editorial skills as well as ability to see layout mistakes and make the corrections. We would need proofreader to have the same Mac system as us in order to avoid corrupted files. We work in Adobe InDesign CS2 on a Mac OSX 10.4 system. We would require the person take a short editing quiz before we will do any hiring. This is to make sure the editing skills are at the level we require. While most of the editing should be no problem, you will have to review the pages for any issues with layout, including bullets, page headers, TOC matches, cliffhangers, spacing/font issues, periods, captializtion, consistency, etc. You will need to follow along in the word doc to be sure the layout artist has not missed anything or that there are not duplicate chapters/ paragraphs, etc. A spell check should always be performed and any issues that you are unable to correct in the files should be noted and passed along when returning the files. Access to FTP software is useful as we often use our server to pass along files due to size. BUDGET: Our budget for a proofreading job, 288 page book, making changes in the ID files, is $200 to $400. SCHEDULE: We would require files be returned within 3 days days of receiving them. PAYMENT: Payment will be made through PayPal once files have been reviewed and any issues resolved. CONTRACT: Proofreaders would be required to sign and return our editorial/
proofreading contract before project begins. Sorry, we do not hire proofreaders from outside the U.S. Please e-mail resume to Angela Adams at Once your resume has been reviewed, we will send you the editorial test.

* Fact Checker
Rodale Inc./Best Life magazine is currently seeking detailed-oriented fact checkers, preferably with experience reading medical journals. Their primary job will be to edit copy for accuracy, checking all factual information, quotes, spelling, and health statistics. They also need experience copyediting text for spelling, style, and grammar. These are freelance or temporary, non-benefits eligible positions. The ideal candidate possesses: Writing and research experience Ability
to work well under pressure, complete tasks quickly and efficiently, handle tight deadlines Ability to work independently and as a member of a team, be a good problem solver, communicate well, and be flexible At least two years of consumer publishing experience preferred Ability to work non-traditional work hours required. Apply online at No Phone Calls.

* Journalist Needed
The Anchorage Press seeks a journalist who has it all. We're looking for a strong writer with experience as a news reporter and a willingness to copyedit, proofread and handle freelancers. Our ideal candidate understands the difference between long-form narrative journalism and the daily churn of mainstream papers, has a basic familiarity with AP style and a reputation for being fussy about grammar and punctuation. We value thorough, accurate reporting and clear, compelling storytelling. Previous experience at an alt-weekly is welcome but not required. We'll give you the chance to track down the most interesting stories on the Last Frontier, tell them to the readers of Alaska's alternative weekly and we'll give you salary and benefits to boot. Send an email to Krestia DeGeorge at telling us why you'd be a good fit for the Press. Attach a resume and some clips.

* Seeking meticulous copy editor/fact checker
AOL is looking for a seasoned, meticulous and reliable copy editor/fact checker. He or she will be responsible for copy editing and fact checking articles created in-house and by freelance contributors. Topics may include: Autos, Careers, Mobile, Personals, Real Estate, Shopping or Travel. Prior experience copy editing is essential, especially familiarity with AP Style. Candidates should have a keen eye for clean, engaging copy and be extremely detail oriented. Requirements:
- 3+ years of experience as a copy editor - Basic knowledge of HTML - In-depth knowledge of AP Style. To apply, please send the following to within the body of the e-mail: 1. Cover letter 2. Your resume 3. Include to 3-5 writing samples, preferably 2 or more written for the web. *** Sorry.... No attachments. Pay is $15 - $20, based on experience, for each article up to 3000 words. We do NOT reimburse for expenses. Due to the volume of queries, not all applications will receive a response.

* Seeking Freelance Writer / Researcher
Seeking business writer/researcher to assist author and editor with nonfiction book project based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Applicants MUST live within driving distance of the city, even though minimal driving will be required. Fluency in Portuguese is necessary, although all writing is done in English. Business writing experience is also a must. Interpreter and/or translator experience is helpful. This contract-based project will require extensive writing, research, photo/caption compilation, and work with corporate archives and outside sources. Please send a cover letter and resume, along with a minimum of three published clips (no Word files as clips, please) to the Editor at Please, no phone calls.

* Free Lance News Writers
Location: Washington, DC - all free lance work is done on site in the Central News Division.
Voice of America is seeking contract writers for its central news service, which produces brief stories on international and national events for VOA broadcasters and international audiences. Central News requires at least three years experience in journalism, must have experience in writing news for broadcast. Ability to work quickly and efficiently under deadline pressure is essential. These are freelance positions, for work on an “as-needed” basis. Pay rates vary with experience. Must be willing and available to work overnights. Applicants will be required to take a writing test to qualify. Send cover letter, resume (with references) and three writing samples to

* Editor
Drift magazine, a new arts and entertainment monthly in St. Augustine, Fla., is looking for an editor to establish the publication as a must-read for young locals. The ideal candidate will be organized and a strong writer who can write entertaining and edgy articles that touch the lives of our target audience. Responsibilities include generating cover and feature story ideas, contracting with freelance writers and compiling editorial content. The editor also should stay up to date with the major trends and events in local arts, music and entertainment. Several years of experience and sparkling clips are required. St. Augustine is a community with a large young population, a vibrant nightlife and arts scene and just about every outdoor sport except ice fishing. This is a great opportunity for a journalist who wants to be part of a fast-growing newspaper in a wonderful place to live. We offer a competitive benefits package, a good salary and the opportunity to grow in an environment that encourages risk-taking and professional growth. Skills required: Excellent organization; knowledge of Excel (for story planning); strong writing and editing skills; an off-beat view of life; and a sense of humor. Check us out at Qualified applicants
should send a cover letter, a resume and clips to: Peter Ellis, or One News Place, St. Augustine, FL 32086

* Proofreaders
Proofreaders check the accuracy of the work of the author, copy editor, production editor, and typesetter. Without fail, the following tasks need to be done:
Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar;
Check style;
Check consistency; and Check typesetting and layout.
Proofreaders should be familiar with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th edition) and the Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition). We require freelance books proofreaders to mark corrections electronically in PDF files using Adobe Acrobat and Reader’s mark-up feature. The proofreading test is a .pdf file. Using standard proofreader's marks (see the section on proofreading marks in the Chicago Manual of Style or the proofreading marks noted in Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary) and Adobe’s pencil and textbox tools, please note your corrections electronically in the PDF. Return your test and resume electronically to Please name the files with your surname first,
for example, Smith Sally Resume and Smith Sally PR Test.

* Content Creator—
We are looking to add a team member that will be responsible for writing product descriptions, newsletters and other content for our e-commerce web site and related email marketing campaigns. Candidate must be able to write clear and informative product descriptions. Basic knowledge of HTML, editing of digital images and SEO a plus. This is a part time position, 20 - 25 hours per week. Who we are: is a Danvers based company that offers VoIP and traditional telecom solutions to businesses. Compensation: $14 to $16/hr. Contact




* Wild Violet
Deadline: December 31, 2007
Entry Fee: $5
Accepting submissions for its annual Fiction and Poetry contests. The deadline is December 31, 2007. Submission fee is $5 per poem or story. First place winners in each contest receive $100 and publication; second and third place winners receive publication. For full details, contact or visit

* The Writers' Union of Canada
Deadline: April 24, 2008
Entry fee: $15
Invites entries for their Writing for Children Competition. Submit any writing for children, 1500 words max. First prize: $1500.

* Skysaje Enterprizes - Poetry Contest
Deadline: April 30th, 2008
Entry Fee: $15
Announces our forth annual poetry contest. All styles accepted but please type your submitions in 12pts font or better. submit 1-5 poems at a time, as many submitions as you'd like. This years judges are : Don "kingfisher" Cambell, Andrea Watson and Vincent Golpin. $250.00 US to prize and two $25.00 honnerable metions. $15.00 non -refundable entry fee. 4/30/08 dealine. Make
checks payable to L.Berger and mail entries to:
Skysaje enterprises
50 amesbury Rd
Rochester, NY 14623



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